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Potter Rhi

I’ve always enjoyed crafts and creating, but nothing else really stuck with me like ceramics. I tried clay for the first time when I turned 30, at a taster experience session with some friends, and it was love at first touch. 

I bought a cheap, slightly broken wheel on eBay and some terracotta and just cracked on… which, incidentally, was a common theme for those early pots!
It was a journey. The first hurdle - getting that clay centred on the wheel - was a killer, but conversely ridiculously satisfying when it finally fell into place. 

I love experimenting and causing some general chaos, so most evenings after the day job is done I head to my little clay cave and create. 

Throwing pots that make me smile when I pick them up - it's a satisfaction like no other and the aspect of ceramics that keeps me hooked.


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